The Myth of Strengths and Weaknesses

Our modern day school system would have us believe that if we're weak in a subject (Math, English etc.) that we should study longer, harder and smarter in order to make our weakness stronger. This can be a healthy thing for us early in life; we all need to spell, read, and count money to a minimum sustainable level. But why do we believe we need to develop a ... Continue Reading

The Importance of a Consulting Business Plan

Too many new consultants fail to establish a sound business plan right up front. As important an aspect as having a sound business plan is, however, I will not be diving too deeply into this topic as we could easily get lost. I will, however, recommend an action that will allow you to save time, yet still allow you to create a very well-constructed plan. And that’s ... Continue Reading

What Consulting Business Structure Should You Choose?

For the purposes of this book I will speak to the United States business market. Every country has its own set of policies and regulations, so I advise you to seek the counsel of a licensed attorney in your own market to make sure you decide on the best business structure for your specific business. There are really only four types of business structure most ... Continue Reading