The Importance of a Consulting Business Plan

Too many new consultants fail to establish a sound business plan right up front. As important an aspect as having a sound business plan is, however, I will not be diving too deeply into this topic as we could easily get lost. I will, however, recommend an action that will allow you to save time, yet still allow you to create a very well-constructed plan. And that’s the rub, managing to create a very solid business plan that actually delivers value, but not spend months doing it.

Also, a good plan is a process, not a static event. One of the biggest mistakes any business owner makes is to create a strategic business plan in the beginning of their company, then leave it in a drawer forgotten and useless. A good plan is dynamic, meaning it is built to be changed or modified as the business grows. Its structure is one that is flexible, and to me the most important part is that such flexibility is quick and painless, since if it sucks to change it, it usually doesn’t get changed.

For years now I’ve personally benefited from being able to develop a very strong business plan for my own businesses, yet not having to invest countless hours to get it done. I’ve done that by using the “One-Page Business Plan,” based on a book of the same name written by Jim Horan. Since the two most important parts of such a plan are content and speed, this has been my solution of choice.

If you’re an expert in building business plans, and that’s one of the things you will be providing to your consulting clients, then by all means listen to your own expertise. However, if this isn’t something you’re an expert in, I highly recommend you not spend hours research-ing, learning, and inventing your own wheel. Instead just invest $39 and purchase the One-Page Business Plan (Professional Consultant’s Edition) from their website.
That website:

Once you get a plan—wherever you get it—just be sure to use and follow it, as it is definitely something that will greatly add to your chances of success.

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