IMX Consultant Certification and Training

Innermetrix provides business strategies, assessment tools, and IMX certification for independent business consultants.

consultant accreditationWe Help You Find the What, Why and How of Peak Performance in Yourself and Your Clients.
Innermetrix International is a research, development and consultant certification company specializing in creating cutting edge assessment tools, training, strategies, and processes for our professional management consultants.

Our assessment tools have benefited more than half a million business consultants, and through our training, we’ve certified over 1,500 professionals on five continents as Certified Innermetrix Consultants.

IMX assessment tools are the most qualified, validated, and comprehensive in the world.

qualified consultant trainingWe equip our independent Innermetrix consultants with the best diagnostic tools and services.
Innermetrix provides the most validated comprehensive business assessment tools in the world to our Certified Innermetrix Consultants. You must qualify as a CIC in order to distribute and use our IMX profiles for your clients.

Our indexes are distributed and evaluated by our certified consultants to small and medium sized companies as well as to major brands and corporations such as American Express, AT&T, British Petroleum, Tony Robbins International, UPS, Volvo, and Yale Law School. Download our brochure to see a more comprehensive list.

IMX teaches world-class, award winning training to our Certified Innermetrix Consultants.

consultant certification courseThe most comprehensive training and support program on the market today.
IMX has over 18 years of experience providing independent business consultants with the business and sales training they need to start, run and grow a successful, profitable, and satisfying consulting practice. We’ve certified well over 1,500 consultants in 23 countries, and we’re expanding.

Specific training for Certified Innermetrix Consultants:

  • Is consulting even right for you?
  • Opening your doors
  • The Basics of Consulting
  • Strategic planning for your practice
  • Branding, how to do it and why
  • Determining the best fee structure
  • How to deal with deadbeats
  • Protecting and increasing profits.
  • How to write the best proposals
  • Negotiating for maximum profits
  • Marketing basics
  • Advanced Marketing – 16 channels to your clients
  • The Diagnostic Sales Process – 70% conversion every time
  • The seven buying motives and the four buying styles
  • Complete profile accreditation (3-day live course)

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