Top Blogging Tips for Consultants

What do Consultants need to prepare for in order to successfully market their services via Blogging?

  1. Know your niche market. Don’t try to please everyone. Do you consult to bankers? Speak their unique language. Restaurant Owners? HR Departments? Knowledge Workers? CEO’s? They all have a language that they use in business.


  2. Know your keywords. Know what your prospects are typing in the search engines and target your articles to match the requests. Google has a keywords tool that is available for you to search.
  3. Google likes blogs but Google also likes EVERY blog. Try to find ways to stand out by being engaging to your readers with dynamic calls to action. (See more below) Donʼt be afraid to give away valuable education. Your followers and Google will love you for it.
  4. Keep your motivation level high. Stay consistent with your blog posts. Focus on your goals, objectives and clear cut reasons as to why you are doing this. Remember that by staying consistent you are building authority, trust and brand recognition.
  5. Your brand is YOU! A brand is not just a logo but an emotional connection to your audience through everything that you say speak, write or show visually both online and offline. Reflect a positive brand image when you write.

What can I do to grow my Tribe through blogging?

(Excerpts taken from the book The Profitable Consultant by Jay Niblick.) Here are the top 6 tips to building a large and loyal following of readers of your blog. These are in the order in which you should complete them:

  1. Write your first five Lead Articles: Get them written and posted within the first week or two of opening your blog
  2. Be Prolific: Write a follow-on post at least once a week, preferably two. These are 250 words long and simple to write when you are feeding off the Lead post you started with. As your tribe grows you wont have to be as prolific, and you will spend more time in discussions with readers on existing posts
  3. Spread the wealth: Don’t hoard your expertise on your blog. Comment on other people’s relevant blogs, but do so in an education-based mindset, not a marketing one. Never hijack someone else’s blog
  4. Scratch backs: Be sure to reference other posts you’ve read that are relevant and provide links to that blog. Give links to them and credit where credit is due. Don’t approach this with a scarcity mindset and worry about sending prospects to the competition. Share links to other blogs that aren’t direct competition, but more importantly to content that would be interesting and helpful to your readers
  5. Repeat: Go back and write more lead articles, more follow-on posts and keep attracting comments. By repeating this process, and monitoring old posts, you will soon build your own tribe of followers, wherein you will find prospective clients who already see you as an authority even before you speak with them
  6. Submit your blog: there are numerous blog submission sites where you can submit (i.e., register) your blog and the site will list it for all of their viewers to find. These sites draw a lot of viewers. You only submit your actual blog site once and you’re done. I’m telling you to register them now instead of when you first set your blog up because you should have some posts on your site when you submit

What are Some Blogging Details for Successful Blogging?

  • Make your intro sentence easy to read and your paragraphs short
  • Create lists instead of long sentences
  • Write as much as you need but no more. Around 500 words ideally.
  • Write stellar headings that answer pain point questions. Whatʼs in it for the reader, not you.
  • Use storytelling to let people know you understand
  • Make a list of FAQs and SAQs and turn them into Blog Posts
  • Provide a Call to Action
  • Show some personality
  • Be open and honest (Just be you!)
  • Use Emotive Language
  • Use short sentences
  • Promise an Outcome
  • Use links in your posts back to other blog posts
  • Be positive or offer solutions to negative problems
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