employeeHow Do You Align Your Employee To Their Role?

How Do You Engage Them To Bigger Picture Thinking?

There are 77 business related attributes that are measured against either the individual or the role they are employed to fulfill.

Identifying the attributes needed within that role helps you as the employer select and develop the employee to become efficient, productive and part of the process.

Your company then becomes aware of its Talents, allowing you to maximize efficiency and profitability.

The result is simply a round peg for a round hole!

Identify What Your Employee Can Do

Just imagine having a machine, that you could put your employees into one door, and out the other pops a perfect match for the role!

We don’t have the machine, but we have the next best thing.

The Attribute Index is a tool that can be customized by you to help identify what talents and competencies your employee has and what the role they fulfill demands.

If the match is good, it tells you what you already know. If it’s not, then clarity is given to what the missing or under-developed skills are.

Career Evolution is then engaged to offer CPD to the employee and more efficiency to the company.

Developing Your Inner Talents

Career Evolution is a cost-effective way to deploy skills development and attributes, or competencies training throughout your organisation.

The old way of doing this, with the cost of professional trainers, travel and time lost to the company, is considerable. This is why almost every organisation struggles with the cost of deploying training widely.

Enlightened organisations realise that talent exists everywhere in the organisation, not just at the highest levels.

We have the most advanced and complete, interactive tool, on-line 24X7X365, which you control and the employee becomes engaged with.

It’s an essential tool that every Human Resources department will easily utilize with remarkable results.

Maximizing Your Employee Investment

employee investmentEmployee InvestmentIt would be great if you could have an ‘off the shelf’ selection of talent to meet the needs of the company!

Since there’s not,,, how do you identify the talent you need?

How do you recruit, retain and develop the talent you need to have competitive edge? How do you then get the individual engaged in the bigger picture thinking?

We use leading edge tools to help you define what talent means to you as an organization. We help you to identify what you must have for any given role and then take you through a process that will illuminate your employee’s abilities, competencies and skill levels.

Once you can see it, you know how to maximize it.

Step 1: Identify What You Have

We use tools that will identify the individual’s or the team’s strengths and areas that require development for the roles they fulfill.

We profile The Talents, The Values and Behaviors that will determine the levels of productivity, efficiency, success and profitability.

We then help you to fine tune your corporate engine to perform the way your resources should.

Step 2: Develop What You Need

Career Evolution will allow you to take the Talent you have truly discovered and develop it into performance.

We say ‘truly’ because we find that clients tell us about a new level of authenticity in the process that Innermetrix take you through.

It’s this form of employee engagement that helps them see the bigger picture.

They gain an awareness of their own roles as well of that of their colleagues.

The difference it makes when you have a fully engaged team is sometimes the only difference between success and failure.

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