Coaching Level 5 Accreditation

Innermetrix 5th Level Certification Programs for CIC’s are delivered by Warren Rutherford, Innermetrix Director of Coaching Programs.

As Certified Innermetrix Consultants you have the solutions at hand to help your clients achieve their Genius Level of performance.

We know the world has changed – and so has business!

We know from Jay Niblick’s groundbreaking research in What’s Your Genius that – anyone can achieve the 5th or Genius Level of performance…, but it requires concrete self-awareness & authenticity.

Are you ready to provide your clients what they need to succeed in this new economy?

As Peter Drucker observed: “Productive work in the new economy is work that applies vision, knowledge and concepts – work that is based on the mind rather than the hand. The center of gravity of the work force is shifting from the manual worker to the knowledge worker.”

Are you ready to help your clients achieve their Genius?


The Innermetrix Certified Coaching Program provides 11 hours of training and is for CIC’s who want to learn proven coaching techniques and methods.

The Innermetrix 5th Level Certification Program provides 18 hours of training and is for experienced CIC coaches who want to learn how to deliver master – level coaching built on Jay’s What’s Your Genius book to help your clients approach their Genius level by receiving your personal expertise and guidance as a Certified 5th Level Coach.

Each Program includes a personal subscription to Career EvolutionTM, an incredibly effective, online personal development coaching program. Do you want to provide additional value to your clients?

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