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Who is Innermetrix?

Innermetrix is a nine-year-old privately held international consulting firm with consulting operations on five continents. Our focus is helping small to medium sized businesses identify, understand and improve the overall health and profitability of their organization in eleven core dimensions of organizational performance. Innermetrix has developed the most comprehensive suite of business diagnostic tools and developmental processes on the market today, allowing our Certified Innermetrix Consultants to help businesses more accurately: identify critical issues, measure and isolate the causes, and craft and implement appropriate solutions.

The IMX process is a holistic business consulting process that breaks down the complicated structure of any business into eleven separate but interdependent core areas of performance. This makes it easy to identify which aspects of the business are performing, which are not, and to what extent either situation may be the case. From this initial business diagnostic, it becomes possible to accurately identify and measure where performance is being negatively impacted, isolate that problem and craft a dedicated response to correct it. The result is a proven, easy-to-follow process that delivers improved overall health and profitability to every dimension of the entire organization.

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